5 best plants to clean the air in your house

Plants are not only decorative, but can cleanse the air of toxins and unhealthy substances. They release oxygen that can make your living space a healthier one. We take a closer look at useful plants that can help clean the airinside your homes.

Recommended plants to clean the air

Staying cooped up inside the house is not really a healthy lifestyle. But for some of us, there might be no choice whether you cannot go out on account of the weather or you have to stay indoors because you are sick or are a stay at home parent. The bright side is, you can make your living area a pleasant and healthy space by having plants that can clean the air and put you in a better or good mood.

Unknown to us, there are many toxic substances that are present inside our homes and quite a few are carcinogenic. Moreover, these substances are not easy to remove. For example, formaldehyde is an organic compound that is present in houses. It is known to trigger asthmatic attacks and other respiratory problems. Here are plants that you should consider:

  1. Palm trees

These plants look great inside your house. They are also low maintenance and are fantastic at zapping formaldehyde in the air.

  1. Fern

Consider ferns in pots inside your homes. They are the best when it comes to removing formaldehyde. Ferns are also good at zapping benzene and xylene, fuel components that can get inside your house from the garage. The only problem is these plants are a bit fussy so you need to water them on a regular basis.

  1. English ivy

This is a creeper that is not really good for your gutters, roofs and walls when grown outdoors. However, when you grow the English ivy inside, you will find it a superb decorative element. Besides, it gets rid of formaldehyde and it needs little maintenance apart from watering.

  1. Golden pothos

They are good at eliminating indoor pollutants. Moreover, it is very easy to care for them and even if you forget to water the plants, they bounce back easily.

  1. Peace lily

Cheer up your living room or bedroom with the peace lily. It is fantastic at clearing toxins and pollutants inside your home.

Other plants you should consider

Flowering plants are also great to have indoors. Gerbera daisies and tulips are ideal for removing formaldehyde inside your homes. Another option is to grow azaleas which are not only beautiful, but can also be kept for a long time. The bottom line is there are several plants and flowers that can clean the air inside your homes.

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