Weekend Project: A budget bathroom makeover

The weekend has finally arrived and for once, you have some time to yourself. So why not use that free time to catch the bathroom up with the rest of the home with a quick bathroom makeover. Updating does not mean you have to spend a fortune or call in the plumber. A few simple replacements and refreshing the paint can make a huge difference, without emptying the bank account.

From blah to beautiful in two days

Choose a look

Before grabbing the paintbrush, consider what style or colour theme you want your bathroom to have. If you cannot or do not want to replace any cabinets or fixtures, choose a theme that will work with what you have. Forget the nautical and seashell look; go for something modern that fits your personality.

Grab a paintbrush

Start with the walls. Scrub them down and choose bold, deep colours to give the room a clean new feel. Extend the colour up onto the ceiling so the eye keeps going up and makes the room appear larger and not broken up.

If you like the look of tile, but cannot afford or want a completely tiled wall, consider tiled splashbacks. A splashback is a tiled section of the wall behind a sink or around a tub. Installing a tiled splashback around the tub is cheaper than tiling the whole wall and provides a fresh feel to the room.

Update the Cabinets

Old cabinets that are falling apart may need to be replaced. However, if they are in good shape and just need updated, you have a few quick options to make them look new again.

Depending on the material, a fresh coat of paint and replacing handle will do wonders to cabinets. Replacing the front of the cabinets along with the front of any drawers is another inexpensive alternative.

Little touches

Sometimes the little things really bring a bathroom into modern times. No bathroom makeover is complete without a new shower curtain, decorations, and some colourful bathmats on the floor.

Choose a shower curtain that will complement the wall colours. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could even make one yourself quite easily.

Bathmats should be colourful and decorations should be simple. When it comes to art for the walls, take pictures out of magazines or print them off your computer and place in nice frames. That way, if the pictures get wet there is no big loss.

Now enjoy your weekend

The bathroom is the easiest and quickest room to update in the home. It is a small space, so materials are not as costly, and the work goes faster. Just remember, paint is your best friend during a budget bathroom makeover and little changes transform blah into beautiful in a few hours.

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