Guide to buying canopy beds

Canopy beds can have a massive impact on a bedroom, turning an otherwise casual space into a place of style and elegance. This article will examine canopy beds in a little bit more detail and highlight the best places you can go to find one for a price that doesn't empty your wallet.

Adding some extra style to your bedroom

Canopy beds are elegant and beautiful, providing ample space to sleep and protection against the outside world. There are many different types of canopy bed, so it's important that the style matches the room it inhabits, otherwise the effect will be lost.

Choose the Right size

One of the major features of a canopy bed is its size, both in height and width. Make sure you measure the room it is going to be placed in before you make a purchase, to ensure that your new bed will fit perfectly.


Choosing the correct style is crucial to ensuring your bed has the maximum impact on your bedroom. Canopy beds come in a variety of shapes and styles and can be made of wrought iron or wood. Of course, when it comes to colour and material, the options are even greater, so keep in mind the space that it's going to fit into!

Canopy bed GOA

A simple canopy bed can be purchased for under £300, leaving you the option to do whatever you like with the fabrics and materials. Of course, for the price it's rather basic, but if you fancy experimenting with your own styles, it's an option worth considering. Purchase the canopy bed GOA at maisonsdumonde.com/UK/en/produits/fiche/canopy-bed-goa-50120084.htm.

Four poster canopy bed super kingsize

If you're looking to spend a little bit more on a sturdier design, why not try the Four Poster Canopy Bed Super Kingsize by visiting lovefrenchinteriors.com/product/Four_Poster_Canopy_Bed_Super_Kingsize_BE626. This bed is hand carved from solid mahogany and available in four standard sizes.

Making the right choice

Of course, with so many canopy beds available, it can be tough to make the right choice. One of the best ways to ensure you're happy with your purchase is to see it in person before you buy, so be sure to scout around the local shops before you make a final decision. Enjoy your new bed!

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