Popular styles of dining room tables

Many of us have to wait quite a while before we finally get a home or a large apartment with the space for a dining table. We can all remember family gatherings sitting around a huge table with all the family and a few friends. Dining room tables not only serve as a functional place to eat meals, but a place for enjoying good company and memories.

Styles of dining room tables

Consider buying casual, contemporary or traditional dining tables, and find the perfect table for family gatherings.

Casual dining tables

Casual dining tables certainly have their place, and can be the perfect solution for many people looking for functionality. This style of table is less expensive compared to a traditional dining room table. Not all homes are built to handle massive sized tables. A table made for casual dining is often smaller in size and conveniently fits in smaller sized dining rooms.

Typically, many styles of casual dining tables are constructed of wood materials or sometimes a combination of wood and metal. Most dinning room sets have matching chairs to complete the set.

Frequently, tables designed for casual dining are used more often than large expensive tables. A smaller sized table lends itself to casual conversation and may be perfect for a relaxed breakfast or serving dinner.

Contemporary dining tables

For those that like clean lines, the contemporary dining room table serves the purpose. Although contemporary designs have been around for years they are still most popular today. Busy, hectic lives for many of us create a need for a simple, clean and contemporary look.

Contemporary tables come in several sizes to accommodate most any size dining room. Many tables may be purchased with extra inserts to extend the table length when company comes to visit. The extension is easily stored in a closet and used when needed. Popular contemporary styles include wood and metal combinations or metal bases and legs with glass table tops. Chairs are made to match table bases and pedestals completing a modern carefree look.

Traditional dining tables

Some folks definitely prefer traditional dining tables with the rich look of wood. Traditional dining tables are usually used in larger dining rooms because of their size. However, they can easily be purchased in small, medium or large according to your needs.

Traditional dining room tables with custom designs can give dining rooms a formal look and look grand in the right type of room. Often traditional dining tables are handed down from one generation to the next. Beautiful handmade tables of pine, mahogany, cherry and oak are cherished pieces and are perfect for family dining.

Selecting dining tables

Evaluate your needs carefully before choosing between traditional, contemporary or casual styles of dining room tables. If only two people need the table for dining, you might lean towards purchasing a casual dining table. Contemporary dining tables are beautiful, but look their best in homes with many contemporary furnishings. Traditional dining tables can be purchased in most any size, and can fit the needs of a smaller table or large for big families.

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