Creating a gender neutral baby room

Despite the technology, many women have gone back to not wanting to know the sex of their child before birth. This adds to the excitement of delivery but also to the stress of preparing the baby’s room for arrival. Not knowing what to expect means that a gender neutral baby room must be prepared - which is actually a lot easier than it may sound. Sticking to a simple colour scheme and decor can transfer a simple little baby room into a dream nursery, suitable for a girl or a boy.

Keep it simple

Soothing colours

Instead of rushing around grabbing everything you see, remember that you only need the basics to start with. Begin by choosing a colour scheme for the room.

Choose soothing colours for the walls, and do not be afraid of a little blue in the mix. Yellow has always been a popular choice, but try to mix it with a few of today’s modern choices such as:

  • Aqua blue
  • Melon orange
  • Sage green
  • Sandy beige
  • Eggshell White

Practical furnishings

It is very tempting to purchase a designer cot or gender specific furnishings, but being practical works for both girl and boy rooms. Gender neutral furniture doesn’t mean boring, it can be traditional, modern and even cute.

When choosing furnishing, consider nice wood colours or painted furniture. White washed wood goes perfectly for boys and girls, as well as dark or light oak colours. When it comes to painted furniture, avoid white. White can seem too feminine as a baby boy grows into a big boy.

Smart bedding

Creating a gender neutral baby room doesn’t mean you have to avoid all colours associated to one sex or the other. Blue is a perfect example for bedding. Don’t be afraid to try blue if you really like the design, because you can add feminine colours to the cot and room later if you have a girl.

When it comes to bedding, choose what you like but stick with designs fitting for girls and boys. Animals, nature, geometric shapes and stripes are perfect choices as well as some modern character themes.

A new trend is black and white or brown and white bedding. The contrasting colours catch the baby’s eye and attention. If you are not a fan of those colours, choose other bold contrasting colours to mix in with the bedding.

Think about the future

Do not get too stuck on what is right for a girl or boy when creating a gender neutral baby room. Remember that after the little one is here, you can add to what you have to make it more gender specific. The important thing is to create a comfortable and inviting place for your new baby that you are both happy with right now. You will have plenty of time later to make changes and add stuff to match your baby’s personality after they are here.

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