Home office decorating tips

More and more people choose to work from home these days. Whether you’re working in a corner of the living room or you have an entire room dedicated to those office hours, you should put some thought in home office decorating. You will soon discover that you are more productive when working in a proper office environment.

Making your home office comfortable

The home office decorating process should begin with making everything comfortable. Nobody enjoys working long hours in an environment that is not properly lighted or that causes back pains. First, try to optimise the level of comfort of your desk and chair. If the space permits it, try to face a window when working, as you will feel less confined to your workspace. Make sure you set up your desk and wall shelves in a way that gives you easy access to everything you need.


Lighting is another important aspect to consider when organising your work environment. Lights that are located directly above your head may create a glare in your workspace. A small lamp placed on your desk will add warmth to the room while providing you an inviting light. Good lighting prevents eye fatigue and will allow you to be more productive.

Special touches

By placing objects that bring you joy on your desk, you will be more motivated, your tasks will seem less imposing and you will achieve your goals quicker. You should avoid keeping your desk cluttered, but you can add some small fun items such as postcards or pictures that remind you of pleasant holidays. Items such as relaxing scented candles, anti-stress ball, or fresh flowers can help reduce mental stress.

Home office decorating is an important step for increasing your productivity when you work from home. With these simple tips, your workspace can become welcoming and inspiring. When working from home, it is easy to forget to take breaks, so make sure you get up from your desk every hour. This way, you will avoid exhaustion and you will be more productive.

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