Living room rugs to the rescue

Does it feel like something is missing in your home? You have the perfect sofa, a beautiful coffee table, and the right decor, but something seems a bit off? Maybe you need a living room rug. Living room rugs are perfect for enhancing a room, bringing attention to the important areas, and invite a person in. But not any rug will do. You need the perfect style, material and size to fit with your room and your budget, and these tips can help you find that.

Finding the perfect rug

The budget

The experts tell you that when it comes to living room rugs, buy the best you can afford. This may mean that you have to save up a bit, but you want it to last and look good at the same time. Don’t run out and buy just any old rug to throw down, save up for quality.

Size matters

The size of your living room rug will make or break the look of the room. Too small and it looks ridiculous in the room, too large and it overwhelms the furnishings and decor in the room.

When choosing a rug that will cover the whole living area, a good rule is to purchase one that is two feet shorter than the shortest wall in the room. This will guarantee a balanced look.

If your rug is just for a certain area, decide if the sofa will be completely on the piece or just halfway. For placing a sofa and a coffee table on the rug, you want the furnishings to take up one-third of the space.

Types to Choose From

You will find several types of living room rugs to consider when you shop. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Dhurrie – These are decorative rugs from India. They are thick woven cotton, come in a range of colour combinations, and fit well with most styles of decor.
  • Bordered - These come in any size and shape with bordered edges. They are used in the living room, dining room, or anywhere you may need them.
  • Oriental – The most expensive of all rugs, but their value never decreases and are a good investment. There are a variety of styles and materials used in Oriental rugs, such as silk and wool, with wool being more affordable.
  • Inlaid – Some of the most popular rugs are inlaid. Any shape, design, colour you can think of can be found in inlaid rugs. You can have solid colours or printed designs with floral, stripes, or kid’s designs. Price depends upon quality of material and design.

Final consideration

The most important part of purchasing living room rugs is finding something that you are going to love a long time. Every time you see the rug, you want it to please you and make you happy. Even with a budget, the best way to shop is with the eye. Find something pleasing first, and then start looking at quality material and price.

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