Tips for maximising light in your home

It's something that can often go unnoticed, but a home that is poorly designed can allow in less natural light and as a consequence, even the nicest of homes can feel dark and gloomy all year round. Brighten up your life with these tips for maximising the light in your home.

The benefit of natural light

Natural light is one of the most attractive features a home can possess. Not only does sunlight make any building look its best, but it can save on pricey electricity bills and can even boost your mood and immune system. Yes, it really is that precious! But what if your home limits the amount of light goodness that is allowed inside? Well, let's take a look at some of the best ways of maximising light and improving your humble abode.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are fantastic for amplifying natural light and are a cost effective way of improving your home. Strategically placed mirrors can save you having to knock down a wall to have a window inserted - just make sure you don't ruin the style of your house by choosing mirrors that don't fit!

Lighter fabric, lighter home

Using lighter coloured curtains will allow more light to pass into your home and besides that, heavy fabrics tend to weigh a room down. Keep it bright, keep it light!

Tidy up!

It may sound obvious, but every object that blocks your window is stopping a bit of light coming in, so make sure the house is tidy and free from clutter - especially the window areas. If you have a wood or stone floor, make sure they are clean as the light will reflect more naturally off a polished floor.


If all else is failing, you may want to consider implementing some skylights into your home. Yes, they are expensive, but they could save you money in the long run with cheaper electricity bills and even more importantly, they can add to the style of a room tremendously.

Brighten up your life

It doesn't have to cost the earth to improve your home. Maximising natural light can have an incredible impact on any home and such an effect can be achieved using quick and simple techniques. Why not experiment with some new fabrics or mirrors - half the fun is in the designing!

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