Design ideas for filling small spaces

Although we all dream of mansions and palaces to call our own, most of us have to make do with homes that aren't always ideally sized. However, that doesn't mean you can't live stylishly and this article will take a look at some design ideas for filling those small spaces.

Living large

It's tempting to look at a small room and lose heart, using it as a storage room for all of your junk, or even as a den that never gets decorated. Don't despair! There are options available to you, if you get a little bit creative.


A simple trick to try is using mirrors to make your small spaces look larger. Of course, you must ensure you're reflecting something pleasant, so keep the room tidy and organised!

Reach for the sky

Increasing the height of your windows not only allows more light into the room, but also draws attention to the upper, often-unfilled portions that can give the illusion of space and style. Buy tall and thin bookcases that can house all your excess junk and still look good.

Maximise empty space

Every single inch of the room can be made into something useful, if you know how. Add shelves to empty wall space to simultaneously add style and clear up clutter. Fill small gaps such as under the stairs with makeshift desks that you can either use for storage or as a place to work. In fact, adding a simple shelf or desk can work wonders and can seem completely natural, if done correctly.

Keep it small

Folding chairs and sofa beds might not seem like much of a luxury, but they can turn a cluttered room into an empty space in seconds. Also, make sure your furniture matches the room it's fitting into - keep it small and stylish, rather than large and clunky.

Create a special space

Odd-shaped rooms may have corners that go unused, but you can separate these spaces using dividers and create your own unique space - whatever it may be!

Home, sweet home

Remember that no matter how big or small it is, your home is your home and the most important thing is that you choose a style that you are happy with. Keep it clean and tidy, maximise every inch of unused space and those small spaces will soon turn into luxury homes.

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