Trendy ways to organise teen rooms

Teenagers are notoriously messy. They throw things everywhere and their rooms are very rarely liveable by any standards. In order to help your teen keep their room as organised as possible, you have to give them trendy ways to arrange their stuff that encourages them. Makes a few changes and adding a couple “cool” bins to teen rooms can transform a disaster zone into something comfortable and presentable that even parents can approve of.

Creating a clutter-free zone

No matter what you do, teen rooms are not going to be perfect. But you can help them stay organised and motivate them to pick up after themselves with a few simple design tricks and storage spaces.

Clutter-free closets

Teens love to throw everything in the closet, shut the door, and forget about it. To stop that from happening, remove the doors from the closet. This will open up space and encourage your teen to finally use the hangers inside.

To take it a step further, makeover the closet. Add shelves that are easy to keep organised and put in some trendy containers at the bottom. They can us them for shoes, bags and jackets.

Decorate with shelving

Forget bookcases and hang shelving on the walls instead. Look for unique shelving designs to add decor to the room as well as provide storage spaces. Choose ones with bold colours to match your teen’s personality.

Teen girls have special needs that boys do not have to worry about, like all their beauty products. Instead of buying a vanity and adding to furniture clutter, consider a hanging fibreboard shelf. Choose a shelf that is wide enough to serve as a vanity table and hang at table height. Hang a mirror and purchase a bar stool to create her own little beauty corner.

Desks with purpose

Modern and trendy desks may look good, but in teen rooms they are not truly practical. Your teen needs a desk with a lot of storage space, so consider helping them choose one with lots of drawers or cubbyholes. That will help them stay organised and prevent a cluttered desktop.

Friendly reminders

Hang a large corkboard on the wall so they can stick notes, scraps of paper and pictures up easily. This will encourage them to tack up important numbers and dates where they can find them easily.

You can take it a step further and hang a dry erase board on the door or another wall. Use it to leave reminders and messages that they won’t miss and help keep their schedules organised.

Let them help

Keeping your teen organised and their room neater is easy if you let them help. Ask your teen what they want, their ideas about the kind of storage bins and shelving they’d use in their room. Remember, teen rooms are not meant to be perfect, but with their help in choosing out the right storage tools, it can at least be presentable when their friends stop over.

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