A few alternative uses for a formal living room

Do you have a formal living room in your house that is only used during the holiday season and maybe a few other times throughout the year? Why not change that space into a room that serves a better purpose and can be used more often. Here are a few ideas for alternative uses for a formal living room.

Creative spaces for the home

In many houses there are books scattered around in bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, and many other areas in the house. One way to help keep the house looking neater and a bit more organized is by changing the living room into a library. Build in or buy tall bookshelves where the entire family can store their books. Add in a nice table, a few comfortable chairs and reading lights and you have a great space for reading the day away.

This could also be used as an office space/study room for the family. Simply add in a desk and table, fill it with office and school supplies for you and your children, and this will become the perfect place for everyone to study and focus when they need. By adding in some fun and colourful chairs as well, the kids may get a little more excited about working on school projects and studying in general.

If you don’t have a family or are not a bit reader, consider changing it into a meditation room. With great light and a bit of room, this could become your new favorite space where you can re-center and get in the right mindset for the day or evening. Add in some calming lights and music with a few pieces of artwork and it will feel like a new addition to the house.

If that does not sound appealing, other alternative uses for a formal living room room could be a game room for the children, a music room, or even another informal living space. The options are endless.

Talk with family

Consider what space you are missing from the home and see what possibilities there are with the living room space. Talk with your family or partner about what space is missing from the home. Listen to their needs as this may help transform the entire home environment. By thinking about alternative uses for a formal living room that may be in your home, you may make everyone that little bit happier.

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