Best-value brands of American fridge freezers

So you are thinking of upgrading your refrigerator and get one of those roomy American fridge freezers. There are many brands of these fridges which might be suitable for your needs. But, the choices can be overwhelming, given the number of available models. This makes it difficult to choose the brand that is good value for your money. We take a look at several brands to see what you can get at a certain price.

Brands and models

  • Beko

For the money, Beko American fridge freezers are good buys. They are roomy like the Beko Stainless Steel Look American Fridge Freezer with a total capacity of 526 litres. 5 shelves and 2 salad bins are great additions plus a wine rack to keep your bottles from rolling and breaking. The freezer has 4 shelves to arrange meat and other frozen delights. As is nearly standard with this type of ref, you get a water and ice dispenser for convenience. Plus, it’s frost free. The asking price for all these trappings is a reasonable £590.

  • Daewoo

The Daewoo DRS30SMI is not a bad choice. Throw £549.99 at Curry’s and in exchange, you’ll get 680-litre total capacity which is even roomier than Beko’s offering. It's rated A+ in energy consumption with an auto defrost feature. This fridge features adjustable racks and shelves both in the fridge and freezer compartment so you can max out available space. However, you’re in for a disappointment if you love the convenience of an ice and chilled water dispenser for this fridge does not have this feature.

  • Sharp

Sharp’s SJF79PSSL model sells for £1,599. Featuring an elegant stainless steel finish, it is capable of storing up to 605 litres of food and drinks. It’s also rated an A+ in energy consumption. It has 3 adjustable shelves and 2 crispers. There is no water dispenser, but there is an ice dispenser. Food can stay fresh for up to 7 hours in the fridge without power.

  • Samsung

Samsung offers several models of American fridge freezers, but the RS7527BHCBC Black Gloss American Fridge Freezer priced at £899 is not so shabby. It features 532 litres total capacity and includes a water dispenser. A LED digital display and control panel allows you to change the temp of the freezer and fridge.

Other considerations

If you're going for the top brands of American fridge freezers such as Miele, Neff, and Bosch, these will cost you anywhere from £1500 to £3000 or more. At these prices, you get all the bells and whistles you expect from a refrigerator of this sort. However, bear in mind that even though these cooling boxes look neat and are convenient, there are things you need to weigh carefully such as energy consumption, noise levels, and space considerations.

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