Buy Argos garden decorations

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to bask in the sun and enjoy warmer days. Take a look at Argos garden decorations so you can make your little outdoor corner a paradise on earth. From decorating to landscaping, there are many items from Argos to spruce up your backyards.

Decorative items

Argos presents an array of decorations and accessories that can help you realise your DIY projects.

  • Dress up your garden with an arch

For £149.99 plus free delivery, you can buy the pretty Wrenbury Garden arch at the entrance of your garden. This arch is made from steel and has a lattice detailing. Plant trellises, vines and flowers that will give it a picture perfect look.

You can also choose the Rustic Garden Arch for £109.99. Those with a large garden can opt for the Forest Ultima Pergola that costs £399.99 or the Grange Free Standing Flower Circle for £419.19. Smaller gardens can benefit from the Windermere Wooden Garden Arch that is half price at the moment, £49.99 instead of £99.99.

  • Use functional accessories

One of the functional Argos garden decorations is a garden clock and thermometer selling for £19.99. It is not only a decorative piece with its antique look but also functional.

  • Include animal figures

There’s also a pretty Garden Meerkat Slides that sells for £14.99 which you can use outdoors as well as indoors. Other Argos ornaments for the garden include a Gnome with Rabbit Garden for £15.69 or the Splashin’ Ducks Garden Ornament for £14.99. Get the Cat and Bird Garden Ornament for £14.99 or the pretty Climbing Meerkat Garden Ornament for the same price.

  • Use different type of planters

Why not hit one bird with two stones when you buy a garden bicycle planter? Plant your favourite flowers and ornamental plants while decorating your own garden. It sells for £11.49.

There are also other beautiful planters that can change the atmosphere in your garden. Try the Solar Cascade Garden Planter for £29.99 or the Large Lattice Garden Planter for £29.88.


From decors and accessories to ornamentals and flowers, there are many ways to liven up your backyards with pretty stuff from Argos. Get yours now and start decorating your little Garden of Eden right at home. Enjoy your outdoor space using lively and functional Argos garden decorations that are affordable and within your budget.

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