Australian country kitchen designs

There's nothing quite like a country-style kitchen to give the house a really homely feel. Imagine just how great your kitchen could be given the Australian country kitchen designs treatment. We'll give you some ideas that will spark your imagination and get you on the road to a great new kitchen.


The right kitchen creates the right ambience for the whole property. What you're if you choose Australian country kitchen designs is some of the warm commonly associated with the Australia. The design isn't as important as the elements found within the kitchen so we've taken a look at what typically makes a great Australian country kitchen.

Aga stove

An Aga stove or a range cooker of any other make is the heart of the kitchen. Aga offer 2, 3, 4 and 5 oven stoves so you can bake plenty of food for friends and family. The ideal Australian kitchen has plenty of space so make sure that you don't crowd the kitchen with a range cooker that's simply too big for comfort.

Butler sink

A butler sink is another important element of a great country kitchen. In the UK, you'll also find these sinks under the names London Sink and Belfast Sink. This rectangular ceramic sink that's set into the work surface gives the kitchen a rustic feel and it's also very practical.

Terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles are another important element of a great Australian-style kitchen. Traditional red quarry tiles are the best for this style of kitchen but don't limit yourself is another colour fits in better with the rest of the decor.


Australia is a natural paradise full of many wonders. A holiday to Australia is unlike a trip to any other country in the world. Whether you've been to Oz or not, Australian country kitchen designs allow you to enjoy a little of the country's ambience and culture in your own home.

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