Shop at B and M Bargains

B and M Bargains were formed in 1978 and today, it has expanded into a bigger shop with branches and locations all over the UK. From its first shop in Liverpool, there is a B&M Bargains nearest to your location. Find out what you can get from this store for anything you need from presents to everyday treats for yourself and the family.

Take advantage of good deals

In essence, B and M Bargains is a discount store. And in this day and age, you certainly need all the savings you can gain whether you are shopping for a gift or just need a pick me up experience. Take a look what offerings are available at a nearest store to you. There are several categories where you can choose what to buy.

  • Home items

Take a look at the selection of delightful items for the home such as curtains, duvet sets, picture frames, cushions, throws, bedding, rugs, cookware, tableware, kitchen storage and accessories and so much more. And each one of these sells at reasonable prices. Curtains sell for £14.99 whilst soft candles for £2.99.

  • Furniture

Pretty furniture is also available for sale whether you are thinking of getting furniture for the living, dining, bedroom, study or your den as well as mattresses. For example, an oak corner TV set is only £99.99.

  • Appliances and electronics

From kettles and toasters to microwaves and irons, you will find a whole range of kitchen appliances and electronics at your disposal. TV sets, Bluetooth sounders, audio and headphones, mobile phones, tablets and PC accessories are also available.

  • Toys and games

For everyone young at heart, there are fabulous toys that you can select for your kids or for yourself. In addition, you can also buy games. Browse through the great selection of toys for boys and girls.

Big savings

Save loads of money when you shop at B and M Bargains. Browse through the selection of food and drinks, pets, health and beauty categories. Don’t miss the selection of clothing and footwear as well and their garden centre. Whatever your needs are, you will save big on well-known brands. So why not check out their manager’s special for even greater savings?

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