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If you are expecting a baby or babies, think attractive decorations for the nursery. It is important to create the right ambience in your child's bedroom so that he/she can make the transition from womb to the real world as smoothly as possible. We show you several ideas when preparing the nursery at your home.

Decorating guide

Decorating a nursery is one of the things you look forward to doing when expecting. It is not only fun and a pleasant experience, but also very rewarding. For your babies, decorations for the nursery are pretty important. Here are some tips to make that nursery a warm cocoon for your child.

  • Themes

There are many themes which you can choose from when decorating nurseries from traditional to modern. If you know the gender of your baby, you can also decorate specifically for a boy or a girl from choosing colours (pink or blue) to adding accessories (cars, trains, dolls or flowers).

  • Walls

Paint walls in white, beige or cream. Add a soothing wallpaper of figures, shapes, animals or flowers that will stimulate your baby. Do the walls at least two weeks before your due date so that the room is free from the smell of paint.

  • Furniture

Sturdy furniture made from pine, oak or beech in light colours will match walls of the same tone. When choosing cribs, make sure your baby’s bed is secure with slats that should not have more than 5 cms in distance. There are also baby cribs that can be converted to a regular bed once baby is older. If your crib is not of this type, ensure there is enough room in the nursery to put a regular bed.

Put matching cupboards, a changing table, table or a chest of drawers. Invest in a good arm or rocking chair if you can as you will be spending lots of time in this room whether nursing, crooning your child to sleep or reading a bedtime story. You can even add a sofa bed should you need to stay close to your baby when he/she is sick or feeling out of sorts.

  • Accessories

Think of lamps with a warm glow to set the right mood. In addition, you must also have a reading lamp close to the armchair whilst reading to your baby. Get sturdy rugs, but avoid wall to wall carpet to reduce the amount of allergens circulating in the air.


When it comes to babies, decorations for nursery are very important to make your child as comfortable as possible. The nursery is also the place where your children will spend a good part of their early life outside of the comfort of your womb. Don’t forget to add soft, breathable beddings, but avoid blankets and comforters which can become a safety hazard for your baby.

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