How to decorate your bachelor or bachelorette pad!

If you're a single guy or girl and you live on your own, you are lucky in the sense that you can have complete control over the style and decor of your home. Decorating your bachelor or bachelorette pad can be a lot of fun - and here are some tips to get you started...

Although the idea is a little outdated, the basic concepts remain the same: your bachelor or bachelorette pad should...

  • Be comfortable and suit YOUR needs - you are, after all, the one who has to live there!
  • Be a functional place to live. Avoid designing a living space that is all style and no substance
  • Reveal your personality - whether that be loud, soft, romantic, fast-living or something else
  • It should look be comfortable for lady and gentlemen callers!

Some key pieces in your bachelor or bachelorette pad include:

Posters or artwork - Posters and artwork can reveal your personality and tastes, and prevent a room from feeling too showy or unlived in. An interesting piece can be a real conversation starter.

Photos - Inject personality into your home by placing your favourite snaps in coordinated frames around your home.

Plants - Healthy (not dead or withered) plants look great scattered around the apartment, and can add colour and atmosphere to any space.

Atmosphere lighting - Speaking of atmosphere, investing in a few choice lamps and lights can totally transform any space. Dimmer lights can create a romantic and sensual atmosphere.

Coffee table - Your coffee table and the books or magazines on it can create a lasting impression for potential mates. So choose wisely!

Entertainment - Any bachelor or bachelorette pad worth its salt with have a number of entertainment options. A decent TV, stereo and DVD player are a good starting point, but you might also consider a games console, touchscreen computer and tablet as well as more conventional entertainment options like books and board games.

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