Are you making the most of your balcony?

If you live in a flat or apartment, the chances are that the only private outdoors space you have is your balcony. And considering that, it's amazing that so many people neglect to spend some time on making theirs special. Here are some top tips to help you make the most of your balcony...

How to make the most of your balcony

1. De-clutter your space

Balconies were not designed to be used as a shed or extra cupboard. Although it can be difficult to find good storage when living in a small space, there are far better options than your balcony. So get out there, de-clutter and give it a good scrub!

2. Reclaim your privacy

Because most balconies tend to be located in apartment blocks in cities, you may be resigned to the fact that you won't get much privacy. However, this doesn't have to be the case. Bamboo or wooden screens can be slotted around the edges of your balcony, meaning that no one can look up and see through the railings or glass. If your balcony is overlooked, think about some cleverly positioned shrubs or hanging decorations.

3. Plan your space

Because your space is small, there's all the more reason to carefully plan how it should be laid out. Consider factors such as which direction your balcony is facing, which side gets the most sun, which side has the most privacy, what direction your door opens in or out and what time of day you spend the most time on your balcony.

4. Kit out your balcony

Balcony essentials for most people are an outdoors chair and table. But you might also like to consider shrubs and plants as well as more unusual options like a balcony water feature or an outdoor heater. It's your space after all - so decorate it according to your own tastes and enjoy!

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