Bamboo bathroom decorating ideas

Bamboo is a natural material that brings a lot of warmth to your bathroom. It's also a versatile material that can be made into everything from bathroom hampers to mirror frames. It can be disguised or it can be made to stand out and feature within the bathroom suite so there are loads of bamboo bathroom decorating ideas to consider.


Some of the smallest items in the bathroom can be made from bamboo. Why not consider using the material to make toothbrush handles?

Room divider

Why not consider using bamboo canes to create a division within the bathroom? You could use the sort of full length canes you can buy from Homebase to split your bathroom in two. Perhaps you'd like to section off the area where the corner shower is to create a changing area within a large family bathroom? If not, why not use bamboo canes to section off the toilet and the sink?


Bamboo could be used as a stylish way of creating additional privacy in your bathroom. You could put it up from across a window and still leave enough room to allow enough natural light to flood into the room.

Bathroom decor

You can also use bamboo as simple decor. It can quickly and easily bring an Asian vibe to your bathroom. Why not frame your bathroom mirror with the material? You could continue this idea by making toothbrush holders and soap dishes out of the stuff.

Other bamboo bathroom decorating ideas

A towel rack is another great suggestion for bamboo. It's minimalist and lightweight. It'll look great too.

Final word

There are so many great bamboo bathroom decorating ideas out there but we're sure that you'll have your own when you start working with the stuff. You don't have to limit yourself to storage solutions like towel racks when you consider what you can do with bamboo and you won't be breaking the bank when you use this material as the basis of your bathroom's decor.

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