Style up your bathroom: sparkling silver accessories you will love

Bathroom accessories can personalize and add a touch of style to any bathroom. So why not spark up some bathroom glamour with these super chic, all silver pieces from some the best loved collections in the UK? Read on and get inspired by some of the hottest bathroom accessories out there.

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Glitters and crakled

Let's start our small selection of bathroom accessories with big personality from the piece that litterally sparked off the whole silver idea:

Next glitter resin toilet seat £35

I don't know you, but I simply can't resist this sparkly, shiny silver reasin and glitters. And with metallic hues dominating in makeup and fashion right now, this toilet seat is a fab glamorous statement in the last place you would look for one. Match it with other sparkly pieces from the Next Crackle collection for an absolute overwhelming silver experience. An absolute best loved in the Next bathroom collection, this glitter resin toilet seat would look great surrounded by black, grey or green – blue nuances. http://www.next.co.uk/x521336s3

Next Crackle Glass Bin £30

The Crackle Glass chrome plated accessories series comes in black or silver, and the crackled glass effect works wonders with both colours. Our favourite piece of the set is the silver Crackle Glass Bin: a chunky, lived in looking vase bin that has all the casual glamour of a stone washed, metallic finished pair of Diesel jeans. Perfect complement to the Next glitter resin toilet seat above. Find it here: http://www.next.co.uk/x521336s13#865300x52 and more of the Crackle Glass series:http://www.next.co.uk/homeware/bathroom/collections/1

Dimpled ceramic

Cooke Lewis Dimpled Effect Ceramic Silver Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dish £4.98 each

More solid and chunky bathroom accessories that can truly style up any washroom with little effort and expenditure. The dimpled effect, silver finish ceramic pieces of this Cooke & Lewis collection appeals to both the view and the touch, each piece a little contemporary design object to enjoy everyday. Beacuse little details make a huge difference. Available at B&Q's. P http://bit.ly/17eCS4R and http://bit.ly/1dIf2RU respectively.

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