Important bathroom appliances for the disabled

If you have recently suffered from an accident and have reduced mobility, you will need practical gadgets and appliances so you can go to the bathroom safely and easily. Fortunately, modern inventions these days include bathroom appliances for the disabled. With these gadgets, you can do your private business without depending on the assistance of others.

Gadgets to consider

Your safety and convenience are two important reasons why you should get bathroom appliances for the disabled. Here are a few examples of what to look for and buy if you are momentarily or even permanently handicapped.

  • Adjustable bath and shower seat

Going to the bathroom and taking a shower are two important things that you do in the rest room nearly everyday. To avoid slipping, get yourself an adjustable bath and shower seat so you can clean yourself without slipping or falling. You can also take an adjustable height shower and chair or stool so you can wash yourself in comfort and safety.

  • Cast protector for the arms and legs

If you recently broke your arm, you can purchase an adult long or short arm protector that will protect your extremities from getting wet.

  • Commode and shower chair

For those who have the extra cash to spare, the commode and shower chair is a great buy. It is fitted with a moulded aperture seat and bowl. It has brake castors, pushing handle, wheels and a footrest.

  • Grab bar

Grab bars should also be fitted in your bath tubs or showers to reduce slippage.

  • Bath cushion

The bathing cushion can help you relax completely whilst in the water. It can also lower you to the bath gently and securely.

Where to purchase products

These bathroom appliances for the disabled can be brought at physical stores that specialise in these types of products. You can also get them online such as The Disabled Shop (thedisabledshop.com), Mobility World (mobilityworld.co.uk), Hafele (hafele.co.uk) and NRS (nrs-uk.co.uk). Check out with the NHS or your private insurance provider if these disability aids are covered so you don’t have to pay full price.

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