Bathroom Furniture Ideas

The bathroom is a room you know people will go in everyday whether that be family or guests you have over. Since there is so much traffic in this space it is important to have it looking neat and tidy as well as welcoming. What bathroom furniture ideas you use depends on the size of the bathroom and the budget you are working with.

Unique Ideas

The more money you are willing to put into the bathroom and the larger the space, the greater number of options there are.

The majority of us though have an average sized bathroom and budget, so going DIY might be the better and more realistic way to go. For those that have children and wall space, why not refurbish small old wooden crates with a good sanding and a nice bright colour of paint with the everyones name painted on them. Hang them within reaching distance and set the toothbrushes, toothpaste, and whatever else odds and ins there are on each persons shelf. This can add a nice bit of personality and colour to the room. It might even making brushing teeth more fun for everyone!

Other bathroom furniture ideas with the crates is to use them as storage for towels orhairdryers, curling irons, etc... The baskets can be hung on the wall or simply stored under the counter if there is space.

Small storage units for hair brushes, nail clippers, and other bathroom goodies can be easily made from recycled material. Coffee drinkers can use an old coffee can and wrap and glue rope around it giving it a nice simple rustic look. If there is space above the door, put in a small book shelf over it and store other goodies that you don’t use as often above it.

Many Options

There are numerous DIY bathroom furniture ideas that can show a bit of your personality and give the room more character. Keep in mind that having a splash of colour can add a lot to the space, making it seem much brighter and larger. The best part is, you can always add things to the bathroom along the way!

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