Accessories for bedroom curtains

Accessories for bedroom curtains are extra useful features that enhance and allow you to customise the look and feel of your bedroom windows. They give your bedroom windows the finishing touch you have always wanted. From stylish holdbacks for your lavish full-length curtains to lovely, free-flowing voiles, these inexpensive curtain accessories are a great addition to your sleeping area.

Curtain accessories

These accessories for bedroom curtains are actually practical versatile decorative features that bring a coordinated, stylish feel to any room.

Curtain holdbacks

Curtain holdbacks are used to hold curtain hangings in place on either side of the window. They allow you to get maximum light into your bedroom. If you want to transform your bedroom window from a drag opening into a beautiful feature, use either fabric or metallic holdbacks on your window curtains. Holdbacks usually come in a variety of designs and finishes to ensure you get a match for your curtains.

Curtain pole finials

Curtain pole finials are decorative features that are placed at the end of curtain poles to add a lovely, distinct finish to any window furnishing, including your bedroom window furnishing. They come in a variety of designs from contemporary chrome twirls to traditional mosaic patterns, which offer a great opportunity to let your creativity and personality show on your choice of curtain decorative.

Curtain rings

Curtain rings are usually used with pencil pleat curtains. Pencil pleat curtains get their name from their tightly gathered pleat style that resembles a row of pencils laid side by side. It is recommended to use one curtain ring every 8-10 centimetres to ensure your curtains hung evenly. Curtain rings are available in a variety of colours to ensure you get the right match for your windows.


Voiles are thin curtains that allow for plenty of natural light to seep into your room while still allowing some element of privacy. They are particularly good for letting in soft light into smaller rooms. You can also use them as bedroom net.

Bedroom curtain ideas

If you are a hopeless romantic, white lace curtains with a touch of sheer screens, pearl accents and embroidery designs such as hearts can bring the romantic feel you want while still maintaining your privacy in the bedroom.

If you value your privacy and do not like disturbance in the bedroom, blackout curtains or curtains with blackout liners will keep the light out and create the dark respite during the day that you seek.

For a more vibrant look and feel, crisp white cotton curtains with bright flower stitching details might work. Whichever choice of curtains work for you, bedroom curtain accessories will add the final touch to achieve the finish you desire.

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