Beko DPU8350W tumble dryer review

If you are in the market for a new machine, take a look at the review of Beko DPU8350W tumble dryer. Beko proposes a whole range of dryers which you might want to consider for your home. One of these models is the DPU8350W. Read on what owners are saying with this particular model of clothes dryer.


This Beko tumble dryer has several things going for it:

  • Price

This dryer sells for £399 on Amazon which is a pretty good price compared to other models of the same type of machine in the market.

  • Performance

Equipped with a large 8-kg capacity, it is roomy enough for your drying needs especially if you are constantly washing clothes and drying them. It uses the heat pump technology. You can also program it for special washes such as kid’s clothes and mixed fabrics. In addition, it has a wide LCD display allowing you to see the remaining time.

  • Energy saver

This dryer is rated with an Eco Smart, Energy A+ rating plus an automatic sensor drying. It is quite energy efficient and will allow you to save money on your electricity bills or an estimated £82 a year. Owners are very happy with the way this machine makes a difference on their energy bills. Some can even run their dryers using solar energy alone.

  • Variety of programmes

It has also 14 different programmes including special one for jeans, baby clothes and sports wear.

  • Quiet machine

Reviews indicate this machine is noticeably quieter than previously owned brands. It does not make a loud and annoying noise when the engine runs.

Disadvantages of Beko dryer

Overall, the Beko tumble dryer is excellent value for money. It has a large capacity, is energy efficient and has many useful features. One major disadvantage though is there are certain programmes where drying takes a long time. This is especially true for beddings and sheets. Others say the LED light is not very bright. Apart from these gripes, most owners are very satisfied with this Beko appliance.

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