Where to get Belling spares

Belling is a true British brand manufacturing robust and reliable home appliances since 1912. For years, the company has made owners happy with their washers, cookers, hoods and tumble dryers. Although, Belling machines are sturdy, there might be situations where they need to be repaired. Let us find out where to get Belling spares in order to fix your beloved gadgets and appliances.

Sources of spare parts

Scouring the net for Belling spares is one of the easiest ways to get them unless you plan on moving from one store to another or making endless calls. The first step is to identify your appliance type and serial number so you can locate the spare parts you need easily. Spares for hood, cooker & oven, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, tumble dryer and washing machines are available from the following suppliers:

  • Buy spares (buyspares.co.uk)

Buy spares is a great place to stop by. If you know the Belling spares you are looking for, then it is easy to look them up online. Some of the most frequently searched items include:

  • - Energy regulator or simmerstat (to regulate temperatures of ovens) - £16.99
  • - Control knob - £7.99
  • - Belting fan oven element - £27.99
  • - Door handle - £6.99
  • - Terminal block - £7.99
  • - Main over door hinge - £13.99
  • - Vent hose - £5.49
  • - Lamp - £3.49
  • - Cold fill hose 2.5m - £3.49

Miscellaneous parts or accessories can also be obtained from the store’s site such as cooking utensils (knives, gas lighters, peelers, slicers, openers & cutters, jugs, thermometers, plastic and stainless steel tools).

  • Belling (belling.co.uk)

The Customer Care at Belling’s is centrally located and their spare parts department carries over 36,000 replacement components for old and new appliance products. Apart from the online store, there is also a spare parts and product hotline if you need help with any of their products. Be sure to have model and serial number on hand for speedy assistance. A few of the spare parts they sell include:

  • - Left hand oven shelf - £20.40
  • - Cooling fan - £44.96
  • - Grill pan handle - £11.74
  • - Hinge cable - £13.67
  • - Grill pan trivet - £13,67
  • - Grill pan - £28.03

Belling spares are also available at Espares (espares.co.uk). You can buy a 2500 watt fan oven element for £11.99 or a fridge door bottle shelf for £13.75. Whether you are repairing things yourself or letting your handyman do it, finding Belling spares is not as difficult as it seems. Repair appliances without a problem, improve functionality or extend their lifetime with handy spare parts.

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