Best and worst color choices for each room

So you have decided to decorate. You finally get rid of that awful wallpaper and you have a blank canvas to play with. At this stage, some of us worry about what colours are good and what we colours should avoid, while others enjoy experimenting. If you are in the former group, here is a quick guide to the best and worst color choices for each room.

Of course, everyone will have different ideas about what are the best and worst color choices for each room. People have different tastes, after all, but this simple guide might help to steer you away from the less popular options and towards something that your visitors will find as pleasing as you do!

A good rule of thumb for choosing paint is that if the room you are decorating is small, avoid dark colours. They tend to give the room a cave-like feeling. Lighter colours will give the illusion that the room is bigger. This often applies to box rooms, small living rooms and bathrooms.

Anywhere you eat, avoid blue. Blue suppresses your appetite while red has the opposite effect. Red might not suit every dining room, but it can be a good colour to go for if you throw a lot of dinner parties!

If you have a small bathroom with limited light, a popular choice is white because it makes the room feel bigger. However if white is a little boring for you, go for a light blue or a light yellow colour.

Natural colours are great for the bedroom. Green and blue are quite common and can have a soothing effect that can aid sleep. You should aim to avoid bold colours for the bedroom as they can be too stimulating - lighter and more subtle colours can create a more desirable effect.

When thinking about the best and worst color choices for each room, you should think about what effect you are trying to create with colour. Trust your instinct and if you like a colour, put it up and enjoy it - don’t worry about resale or anything like that. Changing the colours of your home isn’t very expensive or time consuming and can easily be changed if you want to sell up. So if you want a bold blue dining room or a black bathroom, why not do it!

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