Best Antifreeze Plant Spray

With seasons coming and going it is important to prepare plants for the constant change in weather, especially when things turn cold and frosty. Unfortunately the winter can be brutely mean to vegetation and effect the spring results, so here is one of the best, and only, antifreeze plant spray that is available.

Cropaid to the rescue

Due to the past cold winters that took out many of the crops and plants, it has become more important to find ways to protect them. Unfortunately there are not many sprays available on the market that can help fight frost and cold except for Cropaid.

How it works

Cropaid is one of the best antifreeze plant spray and has found ways to help plants become more resistant to cold, frost and heat. This product is made up of various minerals, proteins, and enzymes. They are sprayed onto the plant and help it create its own proteins and amino acids. This provides the plant with the correct balance of nutrients it needs to create its own self-defence.

When to spray

Keep track of the weather and try and spray the plants a few days before the frost and cold arrive.

Why spray

Cropaid claims that the antifreeze not only protects it from the cold, but also helps add flavor and color to the fruit and veggetablesand help plants yield more flowers and crops. It also claims to increase resistance for greenhouse plants especially and can be extremely beneficila for plants that flower in early spring such as apple, peach and cherry trees.

Plants that create their own antifreeze

Interestingly enough, there are plants that have evolved and found their own way to produce antifreeze. Plants that can survive the cold climate have created a way to use the water from inside the cell to the outside to form ice. This also means there is less water in the cell to freeze leaving the other chemicals to form an antifreeze.

Trial and Error

While the best antifreeze plant spray available may only be Cropaid, it may be worth a try. If you are not sure on how effective this will be, just try it out on a few plants and see how they hold up in comparison to the other unsprayed ones. Only time and taste will tell

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