The best charcoal barbecue experience

Long days and favourable weather ignite our love of al-fresco dining. We head out to the beach, the park or simply open up our backyard for a good old barbecue and grill with friends and family.

A string of hot, sunny days lifts the spirit and is enough to send our nostril quivering as the delectable scent of the best charcoal barbecue fills the air.

But, what really makes charcoal – the traditional fuel for barbecuing and grilling food– so desirable?

The appeal of charcoal barbecues

Charcoal barbecues are so desirable because they give an authentic chargrilled taste that is difficult to obtain with, say, gas barbecues. Moreover, charcoal barbecues are cheaper than gas barbecues for the simple reason that they don’t have costly gas taps, valves and pipes.

Apart from the chargrilled taste and cheap cost, charcoal barbecues are slightly better for the environment than gas barbecues. Gas is a fossil fuel that releases greenhouses gases when it burns. Charcoal, on the other hand, releases similar gases when it burns, but it is not a fossil fuel.

Charcoal is made by heating wood in a sealed container so that the wood carbonises instead of burning. Trees – the source of wood –absorb greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. The use of charcoal is, therefore, a way to recycle greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.

If you are looking to buy a charcoal barbeque for the best charcoal barbecue experience, two of the best charcoal barbecue models in the market are freestanding charcoal barbecues and kettle barbecues.

Freestanding charcoal barbecues

Freestanding charcoal barbecues are a popular choice for many people. The grill-only barbecues have a stand, grill and basin to hold the charcoal and come in different shapes, such as circular, square and half-barrel.

You can buy a standard freestanding barbecue for between £10 and £20 at most supermarkets, DIY stores and high street retailers.

Charcoal kettle BBQs

Charcoal kettle barbecues are another popular type of barbecue that features a circular body and distinctive hood. The hood fits tightly over the grill and heats the trapped air inside just like an oven. Excess hot air is releases through special vents on the hood.

You can use the charcoal kettle barbecue to roast or bake meat, fish and vegetables. Some of the best charcoal kettle barbecue models have a thermometer that allows you to regulate temperature and pull off the perfect barbeque.

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