The best Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers are an essential for the table at Christmas dinner. Many of us don’t think too much about crackers when we're doing our Christmas shopping, and often grab a box without much thought. But, as with most things, some crackers are better than others. Here we look at the best Christmas crackers you can buy.

Hupa Lupa have crackers available through notonthehighstreet.com, and they are top quality. These self assembled flat-pack crackers come with things to put inside, or you can put your own treats in too! This is great for putting personal little presents or messages into people's crackers, plus they look good on any table. They're available for £6.50 each.

Froufrou and Thomas have crackers ideal for little monsters in your family. They're available for around £32 for 6 at notonthehighstreet.com. These crackers come full of tricks for kids, like whoopee cushions, bugs in ice, snapping chewing gum and many more besides - great for kids and big kids alike!

Hotel Chocolat sell Christmas crackers for chocolate lovers. One cracker costs a whopping £38, but it is worth it! It's huge and can act as a centrepiece for your Christmas table. It comes with 12 hats and jokes and is packed with chocolates. They also sell smaller ones for £5.50 each and they come with hats, jokes and a few chocolates.

If you want to go all out, Harrod’s have some of the very best Christmas crackers. They are selling a pack of 6 crackers for £600. They look much the same as normal crackers but instead of a plastic moustache or a thimble you get earrings, silk scarves, leather card holders and other luxury goods.

If you want to make Christmas more special this year, don’t just grab the first box of crackers you walk past. Think about the people who you'll be dining with and buy the best Christmas crackers to suit them. Self filling crackers are a great way to personalise the table and put in your own treats, and they can be a fun family project to make.

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