Best Fridge for Small Space

There are a large variety of fridges available for any type of space however large or small it may be. For those of you who do not have much space to work with, here are different styles and sizes that will hopefully help you in finding the best fridge for your small space.

Types of Fridges

If you are a student or someone who is just looking for something small to hold a few drinks and snacks in, look at the compact mini fridges. These can range from 17L that only reaches 14 inches high and uses up quite a bit of energy, up to the semi-portable 40L fridge. This one is a bit more friendly on its energy consumption, has 2 shelves, and a better cooling unit than the smaller size. These mini-fridges conveniently also come with a reversible door, making them adjustable to your needs.

For something a bit larger, there are undercounter fridge freezers which would be for people that may have a home or apartment that either doesn’t have the space or the need for a massive fridge. Depending on the type you get, there are some that can be as small as 60L for fridge space and 25L for freezer space, but can go up to fridges holding 133+L.

There is also the option of looking into tall fridges. These can usually hold quite a bit more and may only be as wide as 55cm. So if you have the height but maybe not the width, this could be the best fridge for your small space.

Assess your needs

While researching the best fridge for your small space, keep in mind that stainless steel tends to be the easiest to clean and can look extyremely sharp in the kitchen. Also consider how the fridge will be used. Is it temporary and only needs to chill a few things, or is it going in your kitchen permanently and needs to have a decent amount of drawers and a freezer.

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