Best IKEA products to steal Khloe Kardashian's style

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom put their former love nest up for sale just weeks after filing papers for their divorce.

The luxurious Californian home was bought in December 2009 for for $3.95 million, then completely made over by Kardashian who had successfully impressed every indoor and outdoor space with her personal sophisticated taste.

With a focus on neutral tones, each room of the opulent Kardashian palace is filled with large solid pieces of furniture and exquisite designer details such as textured wallpaper and stone and mosaic accents.

Above all, Khloe succeeded in bringing her personal style in each room using statement accessories, like glass chandeliers, cushions, candles and mirrors. But can we recreate the same sophisticated look even if we're not multi-millionaire?

Well, believe it or not, at IKEA you will find a number of items from armchairs to wall mirrors that perfectly match the younger Kardashian's style.

From the STOCKHOLM collection, the High-back armchairs in Mosta grey are fantastic pieces that rival with Kardashian's own choice for her dining room, but at £300 they cost just a fraction of the price.

Add sophistication with the 7-armed black glass KRISTALLER Chandelier, £52. Finally, for that extra personal touch along the same line of elegance and rigour, try adding some VARLIG Lantern for candle on the dinner table, £10 each.

Also STOCKHOLM is the three-seat sofa in Gammelbo light brown, £900: a contemporary piece that stands out for its solid but comfortable forms. Complete the look with a choice of cushion covers of the same collection, in rigorous colour and warm textiles, at £15 each.

For the bedroom choose the STRANDVETE Bedspread set in beige, £100. Sheets and cushion covers are in linen which give a distinctive texture and matt lustre. Perfectly combined with two VÄTE Table lamp, nickel-plated in white as side table lamps, £20 each.

To revive the neutral tones and break up the dramatic solid furniture use some printed canvases in true Kardashian's style: PJÄTTERYD Flora Maia, picture set of 3, £35.

Lastly, surprise and light up any space with the round black FIGGJO Mirror, £16, perfect for the bathroom but brilliant in a bedroom too.

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