Best kitchen flooring for dogs

Pets around the house are inevitably going to scratch something whether they are playing or need something to chew on. In addition, their nails grow and even in you groom them regularly, you will get scratches on your floors. Take a look at the options available and the best kitchen flooring for dogs.

Your choices

Obviously, the best kitchen flooring for dogs is one that will not be easily damaged. In this regard, here are possible options if you are thinking of building or remodelling your kitchen.

  • Tiles

Ceramic tiles are probably the most practical solution as kitchen flooring to accommodate the activities of your pets. You don’t have to get stuck on boring colours as nowadays, there are many styles and hues you can choose from. A word of caution though, if you have dark coloured ones, then scratches are very visible. A disadvantage to ceramic tiles is that they are cold. You can always put a rug or carpet for your pet if it intends to sleep there.

  • Linoleum

Protect your floor with linoleum. Although it does not look nice, draping linoleum over your floor can be a solution. It is also easier to maintain with just water and a cleaning solution. Plus, you can change it whenever it gets too dirty for your taste. In addition, linoleum also muffles the sound of your pet's footsteps.

  • Hard wood floors

Wooden floors look great in a kitchen, but they are a bit difficult to maintain. If you opt for this type of flooring, make sure that it is immersed in high quality urethane to reduce the effects of your pet’s drawings.

Scratch proofing your kitchen

You might have the best kitchen flooring for dogs, but an easier way to protect your investment is to forbid your pals from entering the area. Close the door (if there is one) or put a barrier/gate so your dogs cannot scratch your floors. In addition, you should also trim your pet's nails regularly.

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