Best kitchen robot outlined

The best kitchen robot, or food processor as it's also called, is going to be the one that meets your needs and is within your price range. We'll give you some ideas of which ones to look out for, the features you can expect and the sort of money you'll have to pay.


A food processor is essential if you've got a family because it makes slicing and dicing easy, shredding, grating and pureeing are also child's play with one. The cheapest and perhaps the best kitchen robot you can get is sold exclusively in Argos.

Argos Food Processor 909/8343

For £35 the Argos Cookware Processor has everything you'll need. The basic attachments are there for chopping, slicing, grating and blending but the major plus point is the price.

Bosch MCM62020GB

This one might be four times more expensive than the Argos branded food processor, but its 1000W motor makes it ideal for large, difficult jobs and there are way more attachments. In all there are 9 attachments supplied with this robot so it should met your every need.

Hotpoint HD Line FP1005AX0

This is another 1000W machine that'll make your food preparation easy. You get a bowl and jug blender with this one along with loads of attachments.

Morphy Richards 401001

Morphy Richards are another quality brand you can trust. This one's marketed as being ahead of its rivals thanks to its patented blade that provides "optimum blending performance".

Kenwood FPP220 Multipro

This is a rival for the Argos machine because it's only a few pounds more. Don't expect to find many attachments when you open the box, but what you will get is a quality machine that shouldn't let you down.


If you can afford to buy a machine that's a step above the basic machine, you'll be getting one that can do everything you need. If you just need a food processor for one task, perhaps mixing fruit drinks in the morning, the best kitchen robot for you is one of the cheapest models on the market.

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