The Best Outdoor Plants for Winter

Finding the best outdoor plants for winter can be tricky. With freezing cold temperatures and frozen soil, it is no wonder that most plants wait until spring to pop on up. Thankfully there are some plants that like to make their appearance and really shine during the dreary winter months.

The Potential Plant List

The 'Green Mountain'Boxwood can grow up to around 6 feet tall and keeps its dark green leaves color all year round. The slow growing shrub can add quite a bit of texture to your lawn. For those that enjoy the landscaping and time and attention many plants need, then this may be a great option. These are ideal for outlining apath or garden. During the winter months they are absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Growing delicate flowers during the winter can also be a great contrast to the harsh winter that can often appear. Snowdrops, also known as Galanthus, are bell-shaped flower that grow to be anywhere from 6-10 inches high. Gardeners will need to be patient with these flowers though as they may take 2-4 years to grow before flowering. The area they are planted need to have well-drained soil and the environment needs to be cold, as they do not like warm weather. An idea place to plant them would be around trees/shrubs.

Berry Bushes can add some color to the garden. There are many different types such as Firethrone, Choke Cherry, Virginia Creeper, and Chinaberry. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the local wildlife will also thank you as well as provide a bit of entertainment. Birds love feeding on these berries and will add a bit more life to your garden.

The Camellia roselike flower blossoms anywhere between late fall and early spring. With the thick green leaves, these bright and beautiful flowers can grow up to 10 feet tall and have an extremely long life span. They are one of the best outdoor plants for winter. They should be planted in an area where there is sun butthat also provides protection from the harsh wind.

The Choice Is Yours

Depending on the size of your garden and the look that you want during the winter, picking the best outdoor plants for winter is completely up to you and your taste. There are a quite a few flowers, evergreens, and other winter plants to choose from. Check out our gardening section for further information.

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