How to choose the best radiator for your bathroom

There is nothing more uncomfortable than going to a cold bathroom. Whether you are taking a hot bath or simply doing your business, a toasty place is desirable especially during the bitter cold months of the year. We tell you what the best radiator to use for the bathroom is to keep you warm and dry.

What to consider when buying a radiator

Knowing what to buy as the best radiator for the bathroom depends on several factors, as follows:

  • Size of the bathroom

If space is not an issue, you can put any type of radiator in your bathroom from portable to mounted ones. However, if your bathroom is cramped, then you should look at small radiators that you can mount on the wall. If you choose a portable heater, you have to look at a small one which has castor wheels and a carrying handle so you can move it easily from one place to another.

  • Heating capacity

Big spaces require more heating so you might want to take a look at the capacity of the radiator you are intending to buy. Remember, the BTU is also used in measuring the heating capacity of heater radiators. It also depends on the types of windows you have in the bathroom, room dimensions and heating levels.

  • Styles

Take a look at the advantages of buying fan heaters, oil filled radiators, convector heater or oil-free radiators. If you don’t like the whirring sounds of blowing air, then fan heaters are not for you. Oil filled, oil-free and convection heaters are in this sense quieter. In terms of efficiency, you have to check the Energy Star rating of the appliance you intend to buy to see if this will help you save money or not. You can even add a bathroom towel radiator that can provide extra heat and dry wet fabrics at the same time.

Another option

If you have the means, underfloor heating in the bathroom is another option. But, it is pretty expensive and difficult to fit in established buildings. The best bathroom radiator for your bathroom is one which is safe, easy to use, requires little maintenance, energy-efficient and provides heat effectively. Shop around and consult specialists who can confirm your choice of bathroom heater.

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