Best seeds for a terrarium

A terrarium can make a great addition to your garden or home. You can put both plants and animals inside. We show you the best seeds for a terrarium so you can bring a lovely-looking garden inside any part of your home. Note that these are just some suggestions and you can even experiment with various plants to find the best fit for your terrarium.

How to create a terrarium

Terrariums are great ideas for decorating your homes. They are something different that can liven up your homes. Plant and animals can be part of the terrarium. We show you the best seeds for a terrarium that you can grow easily.

  • Work with a limited space

The first thing to remember is that a terrarium has limited space. Hence, you would want to put plants that are not growing too tall or larger than your terrarium.

  • Use any container

You can make terrariums out of glass bottles, empty plastics, unused aquariums, tiny vases or anything that you have at home that can be used as containers.

  • Tiny plants work best

Hence, getting small seeds is important. Examples of seeds to sow in a terrarium include:

  • chamomille
  • small African violets
  • pansies
  • ferns

These plants are small and will remain a constant size so they are great for a terrarium. It is also a fantastic idea to start a herb terrarium. In this regard, you can sow seeds of:

  • parsley
  • chives
  • dill
  • mint
  • oregano
  • thyme

These herbs are also going to give your tiny garden a wonderful fragrance. Another idea is to create a desert terrarium using several cactus. These plants are not only hardy, but also water wise. You don't need to care for them as much as you would of plants in a normal garden.

Shamrocks are other seeds that you might want to grow. They are easy to maintain and will give your terrariums a lovely atmosphere.

Adding animals

If you have not thought of making your own terrarium, now is a good time to start one or several. Just remember that the best seeds for a terrarium are those that are easy to grow and will remain small so you will spend less time maintaining them. You can even add tiny animals in your terrarium bringing a garden and a miniature zoo (vivarium) inside your home.

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