The best waffle makers to buy in the UK

Imagine eating succulent and delicious waffles everyday without spending so much time in front of the stove. If you have a reliable waffle maker, you can do this Belgian delicacy or experiment with recipes anytime and at your own convenience. Find out what the best waffle makers to buy in the UK are so you can begin your discovery of this popular dessert and snack.

The brands

There are many brands of waffle makers that exist in markets today, but we want to tell you some which are worthy of mention. Note that you can use a waffle maker over a gas or electric stove. Those powered by electricity are easy to use and cook waffles evenly since it distributes heat evenly.

Here are the best waffle makers to buy in the UK:

  • Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

This is a non-stick cast aluminum waffle griddle capable of making 7 waffles. It sells for £71.23 at Amazon UK.

  • Nordic Ware Belgian Waffle

Selling for £59.95, this waffle clamp is practical since you don’t need to flip the waffles over to cook them evenly. You simply turn the waffle over. It is capable of making 4 waffles.

  • KitchenCraft Non-Stick Waffle Maker

Tesco carries this accessory and sells it for £24.19. Amazon has it on sale for £18.55. Simply pour batter into these moulds and put the waffle iron over a stove.

  • Coline Waffle Maker

Electric waffle makers on the other hand are plenty from small to big and simple to intricate. Take the Coline Waffle Maker sold by Clas Ohlson for £14.99. Featuring a round waffle maker it is capable if making 5 thin flower shaped waffles which can be split or even used as a crepe.

If you are a professional chef, it is a good idea to invest in a durable and sturdy waffle maker. Considered a premium brand, Dualit makes this amazing waffle maker which can produce 60 waffles in an hour. It has 2 layers of non-stick coating and individual plate control.

Other interesting brands

Another one of the best waffle makers to buy in the UK is Cuisinart Waffle Maker which is sold at John Lewis for £59.95. Equipped with an indicator light that turns green to signal optimum cooking, the machine can make 2 waffles. The plates are removable and dish washable which can save you tons of time from cleaning.

Don’t miss out on the waffle moulds by Lekue selling for £27.50 at Selfridges. Pour batter into the moulds and put in the oven. They’re dishwasher safe and make waffle making an easy chore.

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