Best washing machine cycle for shoes

Dirty footwear such as athletic shoes need to be washed from time to time. It is also for sanitary and hygienic purposes. Imagine sweating in your shoes and wearing them for long periods and during strenuous activities. Putting those shoes in the machine is the best option. We tell you the best washing machine cycle for shoes.

Machine settings

Your washing machine can also wash shoes and will save you time scrubbing to get your footwear clean. You only need to know the best washing machine cycle for shoes to avoid destroying your appliance and shoes.

How to do it

  • If your shoes are muddy, loosen debris using a stick or a brush. You can also wait for the mud to dry before shaking the shoes hard.
  • Get a pail or basin and soak them with warm water and detergent.
  • Rinse once or twice.
  • Tie shoe laces tightly to avoid being entangled later on.
  • Remove the insoles and put them in a small laundry bag or you can wash them by hand.
  • Put your shoes in the machine and include old towels or rugs that you use for cleaning to prevent the shoes from moving and banging around during the wash cycle.
  • There are also others who stuff the machine with a pillowcase or you can use a big laundry bag.
  • Pour detergent in the machine. Some machine might be equipped with a sports cycle programme and you can use this to wash your shoes.
  • Otherwise, use the normal cycle, but opt for a lower temperature (30°C should be all right).

Caring for your shoes and machine

Your athletic shoes are sturdier than you think they are. It is usually okay to put them in the washing machine to be washed. The major thing you have to look out for is to find and use the best washing machine cycle for athletic shoes. With proper care, your shoes and machine will be around for some time.

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