Awesome book decorating ideas

If you are looking of ways to redo your room, we may have book decorating ideas that can work for a lot of scenarios. This is especially ideal if you have a lot of books lying around your house and are looking for decorating inspirations to make a living space less cluttered and neatly arranged.


Books are great companions whether you want to relax or do something productive. However, if you have been accumulating them in your homes and do not know what to do with them, here are several book decorating ideas.

  • Bookshelf

This is the classic way you can make something out of the mountains of books you have at home. Get a tall bookshelf that can hold all your books. In the middle of the room, put a comfortable divan or reclining armchairs where you can enjoy your books in peace and total comfort.

  • Surround furniture with books

You can also store your books neatly under the bed or divan. Custom made shelves under furniture such as coffee tables or beds where you can stack books and pull them out easily.

  • Lazy Suzan

Why not give a different twist to your lazy susan. Instead of putting condiments on your revolving trays, you can fill them with books.

  • Accessories

Make a book base as your lamp stand giving it a cool aura. You can also check out other decorating ideas such as mounted shelves on the wall.

  • Book dessert tray

Serve your books literally in a cart wheel where you can load your favourite reads and even serve to guests during book club meetings. From simple to imaginative book decorating ideas, there are many ways to make use of the space at home using your fave reads.

Custom made accessories

Many of these book decorating ideas can be done as easy DIY projects. If you have specific decors in mind, you can also order custom made shelves, bookcases and decorations for your projects. This way you can even have unique pieces and one of a kind designs using books as the main component.

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