Bosch Tassimo T4: a review

Coffee lovers who are on the lookout for a machine that can brew their favourite beverages to near perfection might find the Bosch Tassimo T4 a practical gadget to have in the kitchen, home or office. With a convenient home brewing system at your fingertips, you’ll love the easy way it works while giving you a great cup whenever you feel like having one.

A coffee machine that does more

The Tassimo range of coffeemakers from Bosch is an innovation that is making waves amongst consumers. Bosch Tassimo T4 is one of the practical devices from the elegant line of appliances. T40 coffeemakers are not only looking stylish and snappy, but best of all, give a variety of tasty cups of your favourite beverage.

  • Specs

The T40 is elegantly designed with enough useful features to pack a mean punch. Its black, red or silver colour goes well with any kitchen design or decor. Small and compact enough to fit on any counter top, in the bedroom or the office, the T40 is capable of making different types of beverages from coffee and tea to hot chocolate and lattes.

  • Advantages

1. User-friendly

There are a few buttons on the machine. Press the type of beverage you like, fit the pod, and wait for that perfect drink. A variety of beverages and flavours is at your disposal in a few steps.

2. Easy to clean and maintain

Several parts of the T40 are machine washable so there’s no time wasted on cleaning up. Pop those parts in the dishwasher and you can forget about extra chores. The machine also has an automatic descale function.

3. Perfect size

Bosch Tassimo T40 is meant as a single cup coffeemaker. Hence, if you are alone, this is an excellent choice. No more wasting beverages that you can't drink saving you money.

4. Good quality beverages

The heart of any machine lies in its performance. In essence, beverages made from the T40 taste great from a good cup of coffee to a hot chocolate drink.

The cons

Looking at user reviews, owners of the Bosch Tassimo T4, in general, are happy about the machine. There are some though who say that the machine makes a loud noise while brewing. Another complaint is the cost of the pods since these are meant for single use. Others feel that the cleaning disc is stored in an inconvenient place where it is not easy to reach. Moreover, since the T40 is a one-cup coffeemaker, it might be an inconvenience when preparing hot drinks for more than 2 people during gatherings.

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