B&Q decor ideas for unloved rooms

If you have rooms in the house where you hardly go whether it's due to the clutter, mess or unappealing decor, maybe it’s because these spaces need a massive makeover. Take a look below at various B&Q décor ideas for unloved rooms at your homes so you can begin the facelift.

Get an inspiration

B&Q, the UK’s largest home improvement and garden centre, has plenty of inspiring ideas for redecoration. If you need B&Q tips to decorate unloved rooms, here are a couple of ideas you can follow

  • Basement

Transform that tacky basement into your own personal den. Use heritage styles using vintage lights and accessories. Put a comfortable sofa with plenty of head cushions so you can watch your favourite movies or read a book in true comfort and luxury. Add plenty of shelves for your books and collections to keep the area tidy and neat.

  • Child’s bedroom

Maybe your kid’s room needs a makeover, too. Think of splashes of bright colours and paints that will liven up the atmosphere. Jazz up the room in shades of pinks, teals, blues and limes. Get cotton cushions in bright colours including a table light and a pretty lampshade.

  • Dining room

When it comes to the dining room, you can try a contemporary design using black, grey and metallic accents. Match your dining table and furniture along these lines for a cool impression.

  • Orangery

Your orangery might also need a facelift. Try the authentic look from B&Q and put rattan sofas and table as well as hanging lights. Use cotton curtains and redo the floors in solid oak. You can even add an electric fireplace for a homely, country look.

Revive stale rooms

Say goodbye to everything that makes you nuts at home because the range of B&Q décor for unloved rooms is vast. Pick up those paint brushes, redo floors and walls, and use tools to touch up unloved rooms. From the bedrooms to the garden, accessorise with B&Q collection and you’ll never want to leave home again.

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