Inspiring brick wall design ideas

Planning on redecorating your brick wall? You don’t have to tear it down or even hide it. Brick walls are charming and look rustic. Whether you are redoing parts of your home or are planning to build a new structure, we show you some brick wall design ideas to get you started.

Decorating tips

Brick walls have been around since the Bronze Age and are often used in front of a sturdier wall. Using bricks for construction has many advantages, as follows:

  • It is a strong and durable material.

In particular, clay brick which is made from natural materials will be able to withstand weather changes and will not rot.

  • No maintenance needed.

A brick wall does not need a lot of maintenance apart from the occasional cleaning. There is no need to re-seal or repaint.

  • It is fire-resistant and has good insulation properties.

It can keep the heat in and the sounds out.

  • It is a flexible material in terms of design.

Bricks are flexible and there are many ways you can decorate your house or rooms with them.

Here are a couple of brick wall design ideas and styles that you might want to consider.

  • Stacking

Stacking bricks is a common building method. It is great for landscaping if you plan on building a brick garden wall. You can use different sizes and even colours for a stunning effect.

  • Banding

If you are considering new construction, you can opt for banding which involves using different colours and textures.

  • Racking

To create depth, the racking technique is used where bricks are set back in a wall.

  • Corbelling

In essence, corbelling is the opposite of racking where the bricks are ‘set out from the wall’.

  • Vertical stretcher courses

Bricks are laid vertically that may run up and down a wall.

  • Horizontal stretcher

This is the most common type of design where the bricks are laid in a horizontal way.

On top of these ideas, you can also incorporate different colours and sizes when using a particular design style.

Get creative

These brick wall design ideas are going to make your home or room look stunning. You can choose a combination of the above techniques of brick laying or if you have already one at home, you can just expose your brick wall after giving it a good scrubbing for a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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