Budget friendly tips for Christmas decorating

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year and the annual ritual of hanging festive decorations helps fight off the long winter nights. Christmas decorating, while fun, can also be a stressful time, so relax and let this article give you some budget friendly ideas to keep everything running smoothly.

Budget friendly Christmas tips

Christmas is an ideal time to have fun and be experimental and you don't have to feel limited even if you don't have a huge budget. Here are some Christmas decorating tips for those that prefer to spend their cash on presents!

Christmas cards

Christmas is about sharing and embracing the festive spirit and one of the best ways to do this is to openly place your Christmas cards around the house. Not only will this add some winter appeal to each room, but it will remind you how many people care about you.

A natural Christmas

Fill your house with natural elements such as pinecones and berries to keep your home fresh and festive - you could even take home some fallen branches and deck them out with Christmas goodies and silver spray to add to the mood. Candles can add a special aroma to a room that can change the mood of anyone that walks in, so stock up on festive smells - just remember to keep them safe and stable as to avoid accidents.

Make use of wrapping paper

If you're running a bit short on decorations, you can utilise gift wrapping paper to ensure no room is left bare. You can even frame the nicest designs for extra appeal. If you're out of wrapping paper, why not make your own designs out of coloured card?

Making the most of household items

Spraying normal jars and bottles that are around the house and filling them with flowers or twigs will save you a bundle. You can even use empty beer and wine bottles!

Make your own wreath!

Make your own wreath out of branches and twigs and tie it all together using a nice red ribbon. You can place this on your door or a table inside your house - it really makes a difference!

The most important thing...

Remember, the festive season is a time of fun and happiness and showing the people closest to you that you care. Christmas decorating is something that can be done with the whole family and you don't need a huge budget to get your home looking great - just bags of creativity and a good imagination!

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