Best burglary prevention tips

Going away this summer? Whether for a whole four weeks or just a weekend, make sure your properties stay safely behind with these basic burglary prevention tips. Find out what can make your place less appealing for thieves and how to avoid them visiting while you're enjoying life to the full.

Best ways to deter burglars

Burglars look out for properties that appear to be empty, possibly with windows left slightly open, back doors easy to break in, no alarms fitted and the like. That's why there are some very easy steps that can be taken in order to keep burglars at bay.

One of the top burglary prevention tips is to keep a light on inside the house even when going away for a long time. Better a main room light than the hall, for instance, as it will look as if someone is actually in. On the same line of reasoning, another useful piece of advice is to leave the radio on as well. Better still, select a station with talk shows so it will really sound, again, like there are people talking inside the house.

On the other hand, there are few things you can do to make your property the least accessible. First of all, make sure all windows are locked and fit restricters: alla burglar needs is a gap even only slightly larger than a human head. Secondly, in any case, never leave keys, wallet, phone in visibille places such as near windows and doors. On the contrary, fit an alarm, and make sure it is positioned in a very visible place.

More generally, the better looked the property, in terms of fences and boduaries, the less it will appeal to thieves. It is important, therefore, that ther are no weak spots and sagging fences, and that garages and shed are visibly and safely locked.

Lock, lock, lock

Of course, when talking of burglary prevention tips, one cannot avoid mentioning the most essential thing: the property must be securely shut closed. This means making sure all doors are securely locked, so don't forget back doors, patio doors and so on. It is always best to fit locks at the top and bottom of each secondary door. Also, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your house while you’re away, and do the same for them. Always report suspect loitering on your street.

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