Where to buy crystal wine glasses in the UK

Crystal wine glasses have been in existence for centuries. The art itself of making crystal glasses is an ancient tradition. Although they are pretty expensive, drinking from crystal glasses instead of ordinary cups makes a lot of difference in addition to enjoying their beauty and elegance. If you are thinking of dressing up your table or simply want to start collecting them, we tell you where to buy crystal wine glasses in the UK.

Fine dining and wine experience

Crystal wine glasses are not only great for aesthetic purposes. The material composition of crystal glasses which is lead crystal allows you to appreciate the higher index of refraction. Hence, light passing through the wine gives it an intense appeal and at the same time, makes the wine flow freely and evenly in the glass.

For example, red wine glasses have wider and rounder bowls to allow oxidation to take place faster. Flute or champagne glasses, on the other hand, have narrow openings to allow retention of the bubbles. The long stems are there so that human heat from the hand will not warm up the champagne or sparkling wine keeping the liquid fresh.

Crystal glasses vary in types, shapes and styles. There are glasses for red and white wine as well as champagne or sparkling wine.

Places to shop for crystal wine glasses

You can buy crystal wine glasses in the UK from traditional brick and mortar shops such as Harrods, John Lewis or Debenhams. However, if you want to have variety and for comfort and convenience you can also shop online at the following stores:

* Dartington Crystal (dartington.co.uk)

* Brierley Hill Crystal (brierleyhillcrystal.co.uk)

* Amazon UK (amazon.co.uk)

* Argos (argos.co.uk)

* Ebay (ebay.co.uk)


When you buy crystal wine glasses in the UK, make sure you are purchasing the real thing. Crystal glasses are not cheap at all and typically, expect to pay £30 for six pieces of flute champagne glasses or red and white wine glasses. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to buying this beautiful stemware.

Just keep in mind the purpose of your crystal wine glasses, how often you will be using them as well as the price and your personal taste and styles to make the right choice.

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