Buy a fridge freezer less than 50cm wide in the UK

Fridge freezers are indispensable in any household, but what to do when there isn't much space? If you want to keep the width of your fridge down to 50 cm or less, but need enough capacity to store food for the entire family, then read on. We've looked at the best solutions for your needs. Here is our short guide to help you buy a fridge freezer less than 50cm wide in the UK.

Our choice

For those of us who are looking to buy a fridge freezer less than 50cm wide in the UK, we've come up with the following selection:

Zanussi ZRT 618

The Zanussi ZRT 618 is a freestanding, well designed fridge freezer that measures 49.5 cm in width, 120.9 in height and 60.6 in depth. The freezer compartment is on top and has two drawers, for a capacity of 42 litres. The capacity of the fridge compartment is 136 litres, for a total of 178 litres that can easily cater for the demands of most households. The Zanussi ZRT 618 has an energy rating of A+, and features a frost free system, which allows you to keep the fridge freezer stocked, without having to worry about frost build up. Currently available on Amazon at £346.56:


Fridgemaster MC50160

The Fridgemaster MC50160 also is a freestanding fridge freezer featuring a frost free system, for a guaranteed frost free peace of mind. Capacity here is slightly smaller compared to the Zanussi ZRT 618, but for a total of 160 litres, we are still well within the range needed by most households. Other differences are in the freezer compartment, which in this case is at the bottom and offers three drawers. Also measures differ slightly: the Fridgemaster MC50160 is 49 cm wide, 56cm deep and 143 cm high, therefore a little bit smaller than the Zanussi ZRT 618. The energy rating is, again, A+. Find the Fridgemaster MC50160 on Appliances Online at £219:


The smallest of our list

As a conclusion to our short guide to help you buy a fridge freezer less than 50cm wide in the UK, we've chosen a very compact unit for small spaces:

Igenix IG 3860

The Igenix IG 3860 fridge freezer comes with a total capacity of 80 litres. It is made up of a simple freezer compartment at the top, featuring a handy door shelf, and a fridge compartment with two shelves and a drawer. The Igenix IG 3860 is the smallest of our range, measuring only 44.5 in width, 49 cm in depth and 85 cm in height. This compact fridge freezer also features and intelligent anti frost system and has an energy rating of A+. Can be bought on Amazon, price tag is £189.06:


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