Where to buy a plastic garden bench with storage in the UK

If you need to put order in your little garden, buy a plastic garden bench with storage in the UK. This piece of furniture will help you arrange your stuff and at the same time provide a place to sit in your green corner. Take a look what types of garden bench you can purchase.

Practical models

One of the main advantages of plastic garden benches is they are sturdy. You don’t have to think of the rain, humidity or pest infestation.

However, before you a buy plastic garden bench with storage in the UK, consider where you will put it in your lawn. Measure the space accurately and the furniture for a perfect fit. Also, bear in mind you might have to assemble the furniture yourself so check whether you are capable of doing this or ask someone to do it for you.

Here are possible models you might consider:

  • Keter Plastic Garden Bench box

Take the Keter Plastic Garden Bench box with Storage costing £99.99 sold at Argos, argos.co.uk. It is ideal for storing garden accessories and tools. Moreover, it is a space saver and requires little maintenance making it a great option to the traditional shelf. You can build this easily straight from the box. You can also get the same piece from Amazon, amazon.co.uk.

  • Keter Iceni

Another model that fits the bill is Keter Iceni Garden Storage Bench with a 265-ltr capacity. It is waterproof. Made from a sturdy resin that makes it look like an authentic wooden bench, this piece of furniture will look great in any setting. It costs £109 on eBay.

  • Keter Florenity Verdi Saxon

You can also consider the Keter Florenity Verdi Saxon XL for £99.99. Fitted with a lockable lid, it has a large 454-litre capacity for all your storage needs. It is also fully waterproofed.

Practical choices

Plastic garden benches are practical choices as outdoor furniture. They are functional, robust and lightweight. You can move them around easily and leave them outside with the minimum protection. Buy a plastic garden bench with storage in the UK today so you can keep your surroundings tidy and clean while having a storage and seating solution.

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