Quick tips for buying ceiling fans UK

Ceiling fans are a practical addition to any room. Suspended from the top of the ceiling, these devices help circulate air in the room and make the room cool and comfortable. Besides making the room comfortable, ceiling fans also add to the aesthetics of rooms. If you are shopping for the right ceiling fans in UK to accent your rooms, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind.

Functionality of ceiling fan and where you will use it

Ceiling fans in the UK are mostly used indoors, but you can also use them on a patio or other open place exposed to the elements. Determine where you want to use your ceiling fans and choose one suited for the purpose. This is especially important when you want to buy one for outdoor use. Pick outdoor ceiling fans that are treated to withstand variations in temperature, sun and water.

Choose ceiling fans that have dual-direction blade capability for use outdoors and/or indoors during both the summer and winter months. Dual-direction capability allows for cooling or heating a room as necessary. Always make sure your dual-direction fans are set for the proper season. It also a good idea to choose a fan that gives you the flexibility to vary blade rotation speed, such as two or three speeds levels instead of just one.

Installation and height of your ceiling

Ideally, ceiling fans should be installed eight to nine feet off the ground. This allows for optimum effectiveness. If your room has a low ceiling, go for a fan with a flush mount system to secure the fan against the ceiling.

If your room has a higher ceiling, go for ceiling fans that come with a down rod. This helps to extend the space between the ceiling and where the fan should be.

If your room is irregular and ceiling sloped, choose a fan that comes with an angled mount to help level the fan.

Style preferences

Ceiling fans in the UK are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit your room and desired décor. For a more traditional style, you might want to go for a wooden fan with four to five blades and minimal ornamentation.

For a vintage look and feel in your room, you might want to go for Victorian style fans made from cast zinc with gliding and ornate decorations.

For a more contemporary look, you might want to opt for a sleek, monochromatic fan with three to four blades.

For a child’s room, choose a wooden or steel blade fan with a solid colour to add an attractive, ultra modern look.

Evidently, style and design options are many so choose something tha fits your preferred look and feel. This will help to accent your home as desired.

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