Cheap renovation ideas

Renovating your home may be the most economical solution for improving the current property value and your living conditions. You don't need to find a new home when you can simply renovate your existing property - although if you are planning to sell, renovation improves market value too. Here are some cheap renovation ideas to get you started...

By being creative and resourceful about design, materials, and timing, you’ll cut costs without cutting corners. The absolute truth about cheap renovation is that every small thing adds up. Here are a few tips to help you pinch pennies during renovations.

Maximise the available space. You might not need to rebuild to add more living space. Reorganise and outfit your home, kitchen, or bathroom for maximum utility instead. You can choose to replace area-hogging shelves with pullout drawers or concealed cabinets. In the kitchen, plan for efficient use of space so you won’t need to expand your cabinets into the adjoining rooms.

Weigh long-term costs. Buying pre-finished materials can be quite costly, but if you intend to save on an extensive paint or finishing job, then it’s a wise purchase. Primed and painted weatherboards, decking boards, skirtings, and even some pre-fab wall finishes are just some examples. With these materials, you pay more upfront, but save time and money by avoiding an expensive paint job.

DIY to save costs and manpower. You can pick up some skills from TV shows that show you how to do basic carpentry, painting and installation. Instruction manuals and advises from a craftsman can also help you learn renovation tasks such as cladding, sanding, laying tiles, and installing fixtures, insulation and doors.

Use recycled materials or lightly used fixtures. Save money by using alternative or recycled building materials and lightly used fixtures. If you’re renovating on your own, you can find anything from pre-hung doors to acrylic skylights and reclaimed hardwood timber floors. Alternative building materials such as bricks made of recycled materials are cheaper and more eco-friendly too.

Consider tearing it down and building from scratch. Here’s the fact: major renovations cost more than building from scratch. But if you really have to renovate, consult with a tradesman or architect first to calculate the costs involved, and then plan accordingly. If you need help, schedule your cheap renovation during the lag time for builders so you can still get the best people at the best price for your renovation.

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