Where to find cheap rugs

Rugs are so popular because they have so many uses. They can cover chips or bumps on your floor, they can instantly update the look of a room if you fancy a change, they're good for protecting wooden floors, and they can help to keep the heat in a room. Here are a few good places to find cheap rugs.

Rugbugs.co.uk is a great place to start your search. They have lots of rugs on offer, starting from as low as £12 and going up to over £1,400. They even have a cheap rug section that has hundreds of rugs priced between £12 and around £200. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from and they offer free delivery to mainland UK.

Rugs2you.co.uk offer a "price beater": if you find a rug cheaper elsewhere they will beat the price. They also have a clearance section with a large variety of cheap rugs available, and if you don’t mind spending a little more you'll find a much wider range at reasonable prices. They offer delivery to mainland UK for £7.95 per order.

Shopping online is a good way to find cheap deals on rugs, but it can be difficult to imagine the rug in your room from a small photo online. That's why some people prefer to go to a shop so they can see the rug, touch it and more easily imagine it in their home. You might not get the same offers in a store that you would online, but you could save yourself the hassle of buying a rug that doesn’t fit or suit your home.

Whether you like traditional, woollen, shaggy, modern or designer rugs, with a little research you can easily find one to suit your budget and your room. And one of the best things about cheap rugs is that you could purchase two or three for the same space so that you can swap them round for cleaning or updating the room.

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